How to potty train your toddler

One of the biggest and most rewarded milestones for your baby is the moment he left diapers behind and start using the bathroom.

For moms means the end of the “carry a huge diaper bag everywhere” era and the beginning of “always be sure where the nearest bathroom is” time.

Most toddlers are ready to start potty training around their 2nd Birthday, some as early as 18 months old and some delaying until they are almost 3 years old.

And yes, usually girls are ready a few months ahead of boys.

You’ll notice when your toddler is ready: he may hide while he is “going “, he may ask to be changed out of a dirty diaper at the first sign of being wet, or he may tell you he wants to use the bathroom as soon as he have just gone on his diaper.

On my own experience, is never wise to try to push them to use the bathroom if they are not ready. Save yourself (and your kid) a lot of stress waiting a little bit until they are ready!

That being said, you can get prepared while waiting for the right moment to start the potty training. And because every child is different, I may give you a lot of different options for you to choose the “one” that may work for your kid.

Potty training books for mom and dad

Potty Training in 3 Days

This step by step book includes a plan with useful tips to help your kid succeed on the conquest of the toilet. It also has a lot of information for you to stay calm through every accident.

It’s a quick, easy book to read and will help you navigate the potty training basics (accident management included).

While three days is long enough to introduce something new, it definitely isn’t long enough to create a new habit for your child. If you can maintain perspective on that point, then you can stay calm trough the process and say “bye bye diapers”.

P is for Potty!

A favorite among kids, this sturdy lift-the-flap board Sesame Street’s book tells little girls and boys ages 1 to 3 all about how to use the potty.

While toddlers practice sitting on the potty, this sturdy lift-the-flap board book with more than 30 flaps, it’s the perfect mix of fun and learning.

It’s a long book to have your toddler sitting on the potty while you read it, so I would recommend to start reading it with your kid before making him go, so he will know what to expect and play his favorites parts while on the potty.

Potty Time! (Daniel Tiger)

If your little one is a fan of Daniel Tiger, then this is the best book for you!

The picture icons will prompt your kid to press the buttons and play the sound effects. The three sounds go along perfectly with the Daniel Tiger potty song.

It is a good book for children familiar with Daniel Tiger and nervous about potty training.

You can also get Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty app, where children will practice stopping their play when they have to go potty and learn about their important bathroom routines at the potty and s

Toilet trainers

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Summer Infant’s My Size Potty features the look and feel of an adult toilet to help ensure your child has a comfortable and confident transition to the real thing.

Realistic features include a toilet handle with a flushing sound to encourage your child while potty training. The clip-on splash guard and flip-up lid help boys in the potty training process, and the built in wipe dispenser is perfect for promoting good hygiene.

A removable bowl makes clean-up easy.

The biggest issue I personally had with this product? It takes a little bit of space in your bathroom.

Potty Training Seat

This Toilet Training Seat fits most standard toilets securely.

The Toilet Training Seat by Jool Baby is the ideal way to start training your child how to use the toilet. It has a non-slip ring around it to ensure you child is secure as possible while learning how to use the bathroom.

Featuring a smooth, sleek surface, this Potty Training seat is easy to clean with a quick wipe. It also has a Splash Guard that prevents messes from happening out of the toilet!

Training underwear

CottonTraining Pants

Before you start your toddler on regular underwear, it’ll be a good option to try this training pants. This transition underwear have extra pad in the front and back. They are water resistant and better water imbibition than normal undies.

This washable and reusable underwear is made of 100% cotton with absorbent polyester lining offering the most comfortable and softest touch.

More absorbent than normal training pants, their inner pad lining is perfect for containing small accidents and avoid leakage.

They are great on a daytime routine at home, but they’ll leak a little on naps or long car drives.

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