Best Locked Medicine Boxes

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) more than 150 children a day are treated in the ER for uncontrolled drug use. And we are not talking about prescription drugs only. Many OTC medicines and vitamins can cause dangerous poisoning if consumed in high doses.

A lot of grandparents are taking care of young kids, and a great percentage of them take medicines on a daily basis. A curious child (it will be accurate to say all of them) may be tempted to try whatever his caregiver is having without realizing the possible outcomes.

To keep your child away from unsupervised access to medicine you can choose a locked cabinet medicine, like the ones you can see below:

Best Medicine Cabinet

Glosen Lockable First Aid box

With 3 different sizes to choose from, this sturdy and durable key looked cabinet will help you classify the pills, medicine, first aid kits and other personal items. Made of MDF, Aluminum Alloy Frame and Plastic, has a removable three compartment tray for better organization and will protect your medical supplies from moisture damage.

Runner Up

eoere Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet

Easy to use at home, this plastic box with an interchangeable combination has enough space to contain medicine pills, drug bottles and cosmetic tools while preventing the kids open it by accident. Made of a high quality ABS material, this medicine cabinet is very lightweight and durable.

You can also get the eoere Lock Medicine Cabinet in pink.

Best Travel Medicine Cabinet

EVERTOP Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet

With separate compartments and a four number coded lock will provide a safe and easy way to store medications on a secure way. The locking mechanism is made up of metal so the medication lock box is strong enough for casual use, and the medicine box’s body is with upgrade-Quality ABS material, very lightweight and durable for a long-term use.

A few tips to prevent your kids from “trying” medicines

– Choose a place that your child can not reach, even climbing. If the chosen place is one where your child does not see the medicines, much better.

– Put away medications each time you use them. Even those used daily or the ones needed to be administered every few hours.

– Educate your child about medicine safety! Explain to your child what it is medicine and why is necessary to take it. If you say lightly it’s nothing , or is candy, your child will be tempted to try it on his own! It’s also a good idea do not encourage playing doctor by putting candies inside a pharmacy bottle.

-Make sure the lid is properly closed. Your pharmacist provides you the medication in a vial with child resistant cap. This does not mean that a curious child can not open it. In addition to properly close the vial, be sure to store it in a place out of reach of the child.

– Make sure your guests and caregivers always follow these tips. Guests who keep their medicines in their bags or the pockets of their jackets, should put those items in the place you designate away from the reach of children.

If you suspect your child has consumed any drugs or vitamin, immediately contact a Poison Control Center (800-222-1222).

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