The Best Epipen Case

People at risk for or having a history of serious, some times life-threatening allergic reactions, (to food, animals, plants, pollen and the list goes on an on), were relieve with the launch of the epipen and all others epinephrine auto injectors. How to safely carry the epipen, and have it handy at the same time?

There are several models of epipen cases in the market, designed for protection of the pen, comfort of the patient, easy of access when needed and fashionable too!

Since is recommended to store epinephrine pens between 68 to 77 F (20 to 25 C) most of the epipen carrying case are insulated.

Taking this factor into consideration, we believe the best overall epipen carry case is the Insulin Cooler – Insulated Epipen Case. This insulated epipen case is not as small as others, but is great to keep your medicines at the right temperature for up to 24 hours. The best think about this epipen insulated case is that it doesn’t need ice packs! You just trow the whole epipen case into the freezer overnight (take your medicines out first) and it’s ready! The two panels inside the bag are build in and filled with non-toxic saline replacing the old style gel ice packs.
This epipen travel case fits ergonomically in one hand, making it easy to trow into a purse, suitcase, briefcase, gym bag. It has a few elastic straps and zippered mesh pockets for all the accessories and medicines you may need to take along with your epipen.

On a most affordable version, a great epipen case is the MedBuddy Medicine Case. This epipen carrying case is light and durable, making it great for field trips, travel or everyday use. It’s the perfect size to hold 2 epinephrine auto injectors and an inhaler or small sized medicine. It also has two laminated pouches (inside and outside the case) to include medical emergency cards and have velcro belt straps. This carrying case for epipen is insulated, but it may not be enough to keep the medications at the temperature required for an extended period of time (you may have to use some ice packs).

A smaller version of epipen cooling case, just enough to hold two injection pens and keep them cool for several hours (this epipen travel case can hold a steady temperature for up to 45 hours at the time and users reported 20 hours trips with not incidents), the FRIO Duo Insulin Cooling Wallet  is a great option when you are on the go. This is one of those small epipen cases that does not need ice packs or a refrigerator to work! Just soak the insert in water for the recommended amount of time listed on the instructions (about 15 minutes), massage it, insert it on the wallet and you are ready to go. This epipen carrying case complies with TSA standards.

If you have an active lifestyle, and enjoy outdoors activities, let us recommend you the Severe Allergies Emergency Shot First Aid Kit Leg Pouch as one of the best epipen case for adults. This discreet epipen case is waterproof, made of insulated neoprene, and holds two epinephrine auto injectors. Easy to conceal under your pants (it straps around your legs) and made of soft neoprene, is designed to wear all day long. Since Epipens take up too much space on the pockets, this is the perfect epipen carrying case for adults who doesn’t want to carry a bag or do not want the epipen case hanging off their belts.

Epipen carrying case for kids

When it comes to choose an epipen carrying case for kids, options are overwhelming. On top of having to worry about functionality of the epipen jr case, parents usually needs to consider if their kid want his friends to know he is carrying an epipen case, his personality when it comes to the design , where he’ll be wearing it (belt, inside their backpack, etc), and what types of activities is the kid involved in (school, sports, warm weather).
Well, we find the MedBuddy Medicine Case to be one of the best epipen cases for kids. This epipen carrying case is light and durable, making it great for field trips, travel or school. It’s the perfect size to hold 2 epinep­hrine auto injectors and an inhaler or small sized medicine. It also has two laminated pouches (inside and outside the case) to include medical emergency cards and have velcro belt straps. This carrying case for epipen is insulated, but it may not be enough on extreme heat (you may have to use some ice packs).

One great epipen jr carrying case is the AllerMates – Allergy Medicine Carrying Case for EpiPen or Auvi-Q auto-injectors . This epipen case comes in several fun designs and is made of a great quality materials. It wipes clean and holds two auto-injectors. The down side for this allermates epipen case is that, even when is insulated, it won’t keep the medicines cold on the heat for an extended period of time.

Important considerations when buying an epipen case

When you or a loved one is carrying everywhere an epipen case, it means a possibility of a death/life decision may have to be made in a few minutes, if not seconds. Due to this small time frame, the person carrying the epinephrine auto injectors have to make sure to have the epipen carrying case at easy reach and easy to identify (some epipen carrying cases are bright colored or have red letters on the outside to indicate what they are).

Since most of the epipen cases have some pouches to include emergency cards, is a good idea to have the cards up to date all the time. You should always check with your doctor what information should be included.
It’s also recommended to have somebody know that you are carrying the epipen case with you (a coworker, friend, trainer, your kid’s teacher) to get fast help in an emergency.

It’s also important to make sure the epipen case is roomy enough for all your allergy needs: can you fit an inhaler or some other medications in the carrying case?

If you are planning a long trip, is always a great idea to make sure you get a epipen cooling case that will keep your epinephrine at the right temperature during the trip. Also, an epipen cooling case is highly recommended if you are heading for a place with high temperatures.

And remember, not matter how good quality is your epipen carrying case, it’s not a good idea to keep it on places highly heated (like inside the glove compartment on your car).

The Best Electric Foot Massagers

Electric foot massagers work mainly by using electricity to treat pressure points on the feet, using vibration or a roll head, instead of having the patient pressuring into the massager.

They are equipped with different levels of pressure and speed for the massage. There are models with padded surfaces, heat or even remote control.

Many models stimulate the arch, heels and toes of the feet plus the lower portion of the legs.

Its use is highly recommended for patients who need to improve blood circulation and relieve chronic pain (neuropathy, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, among other).

It’s very important on the selection of a foot massager to consider where it’ll be used the most, the amount of space available to set it up and store it, special features and the type and intensity of the massage.

MedMassager MMF06

Angled to be used in the floor while sitting on a chair for most comfort while getting the massage, this massager was first used by doctors since is CSA and FDA certified for therapeutic use.
This is a very powerful device created to help with circulation stimulation, fight joint pain, and relax foot and leg muscles by reducing tension.
This massager has 11 speeds to accommodate the sensitivity of each person, and it’s highly recom-mended to start at the lowest levels to became accustomed to the vibration.
It has a full size oscillating foot pad to ensure that all pressure points of the feet are massaged and the arch bar stimulates toes, arch and hells.
Most reviews on Amazon show why people love this massager and how they notice the enhancements in aches and pains, circulation and overall foot health.

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches
Weight: 11 pounds

Why we like this product: Easy to use, this device stimulates blood circulation with deep vibration and quite a few intensity levels to choose. Also, the foot pad is set at an angle for most comfort while massaging
What’s no so great about it: this massager can be very loud when in use. It’s also one of the most expensive home massagers on the market.

Human Touch “Reflex-6”

Whit 3 Auto Massage Programs and 2 Tilt angles to help the user find the perfect tilt angle for the massage, this massager features a complete wrap around foot and calf heating massage and an under-foot reflexology massage to relieve soreness and tension to the sole and heal, with a patented warm air technology that offers therapeutic relief for soreness and tension. Its sleeves are easy removable and washable.
Most users give this massager a 4 star reviews on Amazon, since its features (heat, massage, vibration) can be used separately.

Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 20 inches
Weight: 25 pounds

Why we like this product: with integrated massage on feet and calves, it’s a sure relief for pain on foot and lower legs.
What’s no so great about it: some patients very sensitive on the calves may feel the pressure to much to handle.

iComfort IC0907 Infrared Vibration Foot Massager

This contoured unit with 4 massage programs and 1 manual massage mode, caress and sooth tired aching feet with a powerful vibrating action. Its 94 reflexology pressure points and 8 infrared heating massage levels, along with 15 speed adjustment levels, bring relief and relaxation after a long day. This unit also offer an automatic 10, 20 or 30 minutes timer and a wireless remote control.
This massager has great reviews on Amazon, because having several functions the only complaints are the lack of specs to use properly the remote control (but is also very easy to figure it out).

Dimensions: 14 x 15.4 x 5.9 inches
Weight: 13 pounds

Why we like this product: The inclination of the massager provides a great angle for using it, and the remote control has preset options.
What’s no so great about it: it can make a little bit of noise and the instructions included are not very clear.

The best manual foot massagers

Although not a high-tech instrument, the manual foot massager is an effective tool if used correctly.

Here you have our top picks:

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large): Made of wooden rollers, this simple foot massager will provide you with an amazing relief after a long day standing. Since you can adjust how hard you press your feet down, it’s a special tool for people with high sensitivity on their plants. This acupressure/reflexology tool is also portable, quiet and very easy to use to relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain, Heel & Foot Arch pain and Flat Feet pain.
With almost 5 stars reviews from customers in Amazon, this simple foot massager is a high quality tool to relieve tired and sore feet.

Dimensions: 7.1 x 11.2 x 2.2 inches
Weight: 1.6 pounds

What we like about it: Suitable for feet all sizes, this massager can be used two ways: acupressure mode (where you press your feet down on all 5 rows of rollers on your feet for 2-3 seconds) or kneading Mode (you roll your feet gently on the massager in opposite directions). Completed detailed instructions are included with the product.

What’s no so great about it: you may need a little bit of trial and error to determine the exact pressure to apply when you use it.

Body Back Company’s Wooden Foot Roller: made of natural wood and with rubber grips on the end for easy hold, this foot roller massages and soothe sore and tired feet, while activates circulation on the entire body and activates pressure points. Can be easily used anytime, anywhere for those looking to relieve feet pain. This roller does a very good job on people with sensitive feet who doesn’t prefer a hard massage.
This easy to carry and use massager got a solid 4 star reviews on Amazon.

Dimensions: 8 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces

What we like about it: This simple massager allows the user to put pressure onto any area of the feet, especially on the arches.

What’s no so great about it: The rubber grips fall off the massager’s end very easily.

Thera Band Foot Roller: this portable and travel friendly roller is made of supple natural rubber, is slip resistant and won’t scratch floors. Easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray, can be chilled or frozen prior to use to aid reducing inflammation. Patients with plantar fasciitis can use the roller as a device to stretch the plantar fascia and increase flexibility.
With 4+ Stars reviews on Amazon, this take-along sized tool is one of the most recommended foot massager on its category.

Weight: 5 ounces

What we like about it: Slip resistant (since it’s made from rubber) it easily adapts to the contour of the foot, providing temporary relief from foot pain.

What’s no so great about it: does not hold the cold as long as it should.

FOOT PAIN Spiky Massage Balls by FlexFixx This set of massage balls (a 2” diameter smooth and two spike textured balls of 2.5” and 3” diameter) allow the user to access all those difficult to reach places during self-massage providing comfort and relief for wide range of issues, from plantar fasciitis to knots.
Especially recommended for the treatment of chronic pain, this set of ball massagers are designed with all foot sizes in mind and can be used not only on feet, but on hands, back, neck, shoulders, leg, etc.
Amazon customers give this product a 4 star reviews.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches
Weight: 13 ounces

What we like about it: Since the balls are different sizes and textures (one plain, 2 spiked) they can be used not only on the feet, but on the rest of the body too.

What’s not so great about it: For people with sensitive feet, the plastic spikes may be to harsh.


Some considerations about the Manual Foot Massagers

The manual foot massager generally consists of a wooden base with one or more rollers (also of wood) attached, which is placed on the floor. Other versions have wooden balls (instead of rollers) that move independently. When the patient rests their feet on the rollers or the wooden balls and moves them on them, he receives a stimulation in the reflexology points located in the feet, reducing the tension in the sole and the instep.
More modern versions, made of rubber, can be shaped like rollers or like a ball with a series of hard rubber nubs, the patient place their foot on them and move them putting more or less pressure onto the massagers.
This type of massager is the most suitable for people with high sensitivity in the feet, as it allows full control of the pressure exerted on the massager.
Although not a high-tech instrument, the manual massager is an effective tool if used correctly.
In addition, these massagers allow patients to do other things while using them (watch TV, read, etc.) and are easy to carry, so many people can take them with them (to work, for example) and benefit from a foot massage wherever they are.

Some considerations about Nebulizers and Difussers

A nebulizer machine transform a liquid medicine into small drops (think the size of a mist) that administer the medicines directly to the respiratory system easily inhaled trough a mask.

All nebulizers have two indispensable parts: a container, where the medicine is introduced, and an air compressor that turns the liquid into an aerosol.

The container is connected to the compressor through a tube (usually PVC) and the patient inhales the medication through a mask. There are different size mask.

It is very important not to share the mask and keep the tube, container and mask clean all the time.

Basically, there are three types of nebulizers:

– Ultrasonic Nebulizer
The ultrasonic nebulizer uses the energy of high frequency vibration of a piezoelectric crystal. Because it uses ultrasonic waves to produce the aerosol, this type of nebulizer doesn’t have an air compressor.
These devices are portable, compact and battery operated, are less noisy and operate with greater speed, wich give them the ability to nebulize large amounts of liquids. The ultrasonic nebulizers are not recommended for the application of antibiotics since the vibration dissipates heat, which affects the integrity of antibiotics.

– Jet nebulizers
They are the cheapest and easiest to use nebulizers. It uses electric current and it only consists of the cup where the liquid medication is placed and it goes through a tube to the air compressor to later reach the mask (or mouthpiece).

The jet nebulizer produces the aerosol when the jet of oxygen or air hits the cup of the device, when the speed increases, decreases the fluids pressure, causin the liquid to rise in the form of small drops that can be inhaled. Due to its simple use is the most recommended to use at home.

– Mesh nebulizers
These devices are the fastest and most effective of all, providing higher medicine doses to the patients, and because of this, patients should be monitored very closely to avoid adverse and side effects.
They can work with electricity, batteries and even with the car’s battery. They also have a silent operation.
This nebulizers force liquid medications through multiple apertures in a mesh in order to generate the aerosol.

Aromatherapy has been proved as a powerful tool to help on the treatment of some pulmonary diseases, especially asthma. It’s recommended that the patient use the aromatherapy in between attacks as a preventive measure and complement of the treatment prescribed by their physician, along with massages and relaxation techniques to help reduce bronchial spasms and improve breathing. Most asthma specialists agree on never using aromatherapy during an asthma attack as a primary source of treatment, but as a help in between attacks.

Aromatherapy treatments are based on essential oils than can either be rubbed on the chest or the feet or using a nebulizing diffuser.

One of the most recommended nebulizing essential oil diffuser is the Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser. This sleek nebulizing diffuser is easy to use, have a LED mode light for meditation, shuts off automatically after two hours and includes two glass reservoirs. It uses no water and no heat, but still diffuses the essence into the air in sequences of two minutes on and one minute off. This nebulizer diffuser also has an adjustable mist level to better diffuse the right amount of oil for each user.

Another great choice is the BEINUO Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser. Portable, wireless and water less difusser fits in a car cup’s holder and runs on a full battery charge for up to two hours. This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser has an excellent atomizing performance, dispersing the scent quickly as a very fine mist. It’s also one of the most silent nebulizing diffusers in the market.

Some considerations about nebulizers and diffusers

The best treatment for chronic pulmonary diseases (especially asthma) includes the use of nebulizer medicines and inhalers (handheld devices used to deliver asthma medication into the airways) recommended by a doctor. Nebulizing diffusers are an excellent preventive tool to be used in between asthma attacks, as far as the patient doesn’t have an allergy to the essential oil selected to use with the diffuser.

Nebulizers are very easy to set up, and must be properly cleaned after each use. There are a wide range of prices on nebulizers and before you make your selection, it’ll be a good idea to consider:

-Who will be using the nebulizer (an adult, a kid or a baby?). The answer to this question will help you decide if you need to get a noise-free nebulizer or if a little noise won’t bother the patient. Also, you’ll need to get a nebulizer face mask for the user (like the Aerosol Mask, DeVilbiss Healthcare for adults or the Bubbles the Fish II Pediatric Mask B008UZRL0E for kids).


-How often will the nebulizer be used? If you have a chronic lung disease (asthma or cystic fibrosis as an example) you must assume you’ll need to use your nebulizer on a daily basis at least. In that case, you need to purchase a sturdy, long lasting nebulizing machine. If, for the contrary, your nebulizer will be used only once in a while (if your baby got a very bad cold and is too young to swallow the medicines, per example) then you can invest on a cheaper machine, that may be used only a couple of times at year.

-Where the nebulizer will be used? If you are doing your treatment at home a tabletop nebulizer will work, unless you prefer something more fashionable. But, if you are often away from home, then your best option is a portable nebulizer, which will be lightweight and smaller than most nebulizers used at home.

Clik here if you want to see our recommendations for the best nebulizer.

The Best Nebulizer

When you have to treat lung conditions like asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and any other chronic or non chronic respiratory disease, the most recommended treatment is the use of inhaled medication trough a nebulizer.

There are a large number of nebulizers on the market, we offer you here a detail of the best nebulizer on each category.

The TTStart Personal Compressor has an easy to use one button operation and is ideal for all ages, especially young ones: since the noise level is very low you won’t have to hold a frightened kid every time the nebulization needs to be done.

This nebulizer is  FDA & ETL Certified, and all the  accessories in the kit are reusable. The kit includes an adult mask, a kid mask, a mouth piece, medicine cup, air tube and 5 filters. All the accessories can be stored on the unit (no need to find extra storage!).

A good option for a portable nebulizer battery operated is a hand held nebulizer, wich allows the user to move around during treatment and works with a wider range of power sources, making it a great travel nebulizer.

The Aerosoon NebSmart Handheld offers a silent operation and its lithium batteries can be recharged via USB cable.

This battery operated nebulizer is lightweight and portable, and it really minimizes the medication waste. Includes a mouthpiece, one adult mask, one kid mask, one USB cable and one storage box.

Another good choice for a portable asthma nebulizer, is the Uniclife Portable Compressor System Kit. This small, lightweight nebulizer is perfect for travel, even when is not battery operated. Its built-in storage compartment for the power cord and accessories make it very convenient. This compressor system breaks up the medicines into small droplets to make them easier to inhale. It’s highly recommended for the treatment of asthma and obstructive pulmonary diseases. It’s also a good nebulizer machine for kids, you just need to use a nebulizer kids mask, like the Bubbles the Fish II Pediatric Mask. This small mask fits great on a kids face and help them get their medicines delivered into their respiratory system.

If you are looking for a pediatric nebulizer but you don’t want to expend a lot of money on it, you can check out this Penguin Pediatric Compressor .

This cute children’s nebulizer comes with a mask and a pretty little carrying bag.

Even when is not very quiet, you can’t say it makes a lot of noise neither.

This durable, high powered kid’s nebulizer delivers all types of medicines into the respiratory system, easily and quickly.

A nebulization can provide the patient with a lot of different medicines, depending on the disease to be treated.

The most commons drugs used on a nebulizer are bronchodilators, corticoids and antibiotics (albuterol, ipratropium, atrovent, tobramycin, among others). Saline solution is often used on a nebulizer machine because it helps to loosen mucus.

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